What is Reiki
  • According to the International Center for Reiki, the main thing that reduces life energy is stress, and yet our lives can contain stressful experiences. As an example, there is often stress at work or at home with one’s spouse or children. There can be stress about money and about illness or unexpected events or plans that simply don’t work out. And in fact, stress is a normal part of life. And because of this, people who live happy, healthy and abundant lives aren’t people who don’t have stress in their lives; they are people who have learned to deal with stress in a healthy way. Reiki is a method of dealing effectively with stress, and its use can lead to living a happier, healthier, more abundant life.
    • By reducing stress, Reiki will improve your health, making it less likely that you’ll get sick. It can also promote the healing process and works well for simple things like headaches, stomachaches, sprained ankles, bee stings and so forth, but can also work alongside regular medical care for more serious illnesses or conditions such as heart disease, cancer and serious injury. Reiki has been used to reduce the negative effects of medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, thus making it easier to follow through with prescribed medical treatment.

  • Types of issues Reiki treats via the International Center for Reiki