Yan Weng - Reiki teacher - who is passionate in teaching women to de-stress, boost focus, vitality and productivity through Reiki practice.

Yan Weng is a certified Reiki Master, certified yoga instructor, and 20-year qigong and meditation practitioner. Using Reiki healing, yoga, breathing and meditation tools, she has helped hundreds of busy professionals and caregivers to feel better, happier, and more energized so that they can focus on their dreams and achieve success.

Yan has received master level training and certified as Reiki Master on Dr. Usui System of Natural Healing and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® , and is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. Yan has been featured in Shoutout LA and VoyageLA among other media. 

Yan is honored to be part of the Online Reiki Clinic for giving Reiki sessions to staff in local hospitals in Los Angeles. She also serves on a couple of non-profit boards promoting health and wellness, advancing social and economic well-being of low and moderate income individuals.

Read on if you are interested in how Yan got inspired by the treasure of Reiki practice.

How I started Reiki practice.

I stumbled upon Reiki healing after I fell from a scooter which strained my neck and shoulders; even turning my head slightly was painful. Surprisingly even with only one Reiki treatment my pain was greatly reduced. Subsequently the strain went away after I received two more Reiki treatments remotely. I was amazed by the quick healing results from Reiki treatments even in a distant, and I wanted to learn it so I can share this treasure with the world! Consequently I had signed up, trained and got certified as Reiki Level 1 and level 2 practitioner, and advanced to certified Reiki Master and Reiki teacher.

Many individuals were affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. They felt stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, experienced grief…Through Reiki practice I have guided many busy people and caregivers in high stressed positions to not only feel relaxed, but also feeling more hopeful, rejuvenated, and inspired to lead their lives with renewed focus and purpose.

I saw first hand the tremendous value that Reiki practice could bring to our lives. Clients and students from New Zealand to France to Spain to the United States working in various sectors including healthcare, technology, finance, entertainment, education, wellness and fitness, non-profit, manufacturing, tourism all have benefitted from my Reiki sessions and training. This aligns with my life mission to empower people to realize their full potential, and grow rich in all areas of their life including body mind and spirit.

During this challenging time, the healthcare workers have given so much for our well-being. I’m honored to be part of the Online Reiki Clinic with a team of Reiki Masters and practitioners for giving Reiki sessions to hospital staff in Los Angeles.

There is no accident that you are reading this story. It is meant for you to benefit from Master N Grow Rich, allowing you a healthy mind, body and spirit, and the vitality, awareness and inspiration to live your full potential!

I am grateful to be guided through my Reiki practice so I can be of greater service to you.


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