Reiki practice can aid in a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, fear, headaches, injuries, insomnia, pain, stress, trauma while help with restoring balance for optimal health and well-being, guide and empower people in various aspects of their life. There are over 800 hospitals in the United States already adopted Reiki practice as a complementary method such as using Reiki treatment for patients before and after surgeries to enhance relaxation, reduce pain and speed up recovery. Some clinics are using Reiki practice to help with traumas.

Reiki practice has been widely used as a self-care method by millions of people worldwide. Once you completed the training and certification for First Degree (or Level 1), then you can use Reiki practice for yourself, your family and your pets; when you completed the Second Degree (or Level 2), then you can also use Reiki practice to help others in addition to what’s mentioned above in First Degree. In order to teach others, you must be certified as a Reiki Master (Advanced Level) with specific training on being a Reiki Master teacher.
There is no preparation required before a Reiki treatment. It is advised that you wear comfortable clothes made of natural fibers, and have a blanket or scarf to cover if needed during the session.

You may lay on a comfortable space fully clothed, or sit comfortably upright on a cushion or chair. During the treatment, some people feel warmth, tingling, cold or a deep sense of relaxation and peace, while others may have spiritual experiences and visions. Regardless of whether you feel anything or not during the session, the Reiki practice has already intelligently worked on what you needed the most and restoring your balance to optimize your well-being.

This is customized to your individual needs. Some people may only require one to two sessions while others required 3-5 treatments for a specific issue. Overall, it is more beneficial to do a series of treatments for one to reap the benefits of a deep healing experience, and emerged uplifted. We will work with you with tailored recommendations once we have the first session and according to your schedule.