Jenny S.

Chief Strategic Development Officer

Before I took the course I was worried that Reiki is beyond my skill…I found that Reiki is not magic - it’s incredibly accessible, it’s very personal, and that’s a wonderful tool! It can be a very easy way to learn to calm and rid of yourself of any negative feelings and any concerns you might have. Yan is bubbling with light and incredibly energetic and with so much positivity, and she’s so generous with that light! She’s doing such a great job of providing small revelations here and there so we really understand and embrace it. It’s not a huge amount of time. The amazing thing is that Reiki practice provides an opportunity to open your soul in such an easy way, and let so much more light in!

Claudia L.

Business Advisor & CPA

I was having a lot of eye pain and suffered from that. I had taken a Reiki treatment from Yan and it really worked. I was asking can I do Reiki First Degree? The answer is yes. Yan is such a wonderful instructor and she makes us trust in ourselves, reminds and encourages us to practice. I feel the benefits, it’s actually working! She has so much knowledge that makes it a wonderful experience. It’s so worth the investment of money and time, it’s worth 1000x! Reiki gives me such a sense of peace and calm which allows me to be better with my family and network.

Jenny Y.

I took Reiki First Degree course to help myself first before I can help others…Yan follows up with her students, practices with us, what is it not to like with a teacher who is with you every step of the way, to get the practice into a habit! Reiki enhances my meditation, it enhances my yoga practice, it enhances my internal soul and my being.

Idunn J.

Chief Executive Director

Before joining Yan's workshop, I had never experienced Reiki before, and was not sure if it would work through a Zoom session. The session was wonderful. When Yan guided us through the Reiki, I felt like I was in a deep meditation state, and I could feel the energy from Yan. I woke up in the morning, calmer than usual and overwhelmed with gratitude for life in general. Yan is such a beautiful, generous, kind and inspiring person. She also has such an ease to her, and a sense of humor that makes the Reiki process very joyful. I encourage everyone to try.

Karen L.

Technical Project Manager

Hi Yan: Thank you so much for doing the weekly session with my mom. She can’t stop talking about it. Really appreciated it. She’s been so stressed out lately. And you doing the session with her helped so much for her to relax and takes her mind off from everything... Whatever you did, you did wonder to her. She definitely looks more relaxed and energetic these days.

Holly W.


Yan’s reiki workshop was so wonderful. I’ve never experienced Reiki virtually before, and I wasn’t sure how it would compare to in-person sessions, but I truly felt energized, inspired, and encouraged by Yan’s message, energy work, and guidance. I look forward already to the next session!

Wendy N.

Finance Specialist

I am impressed that Yan took the time to prepare for the materials, very professional and thoughtful. I feel a real connection when Yan said unblocking the energy and that we all share the same stress, we are not alone. It is so true more so now with the Covid. Overall Yan has done an incredible job, over and beyond what I've expected :). Yan was so confident in presenting and discussing Reiki practice. I can truly hear her passions and hopeful of this method to give us a better, healthier life.

Susan P.

Yoga Practitioner

Thank you for another healing Reiki session! This time I came in with a lot of heaviness in my feet, legs and especially my stomach. It was so surprising to me that half way through the session I started to feel a Genuine Smile on my face! It was quite unexpected, but totally welcomed! The Heavy feeling was subsiding. > Thank you for moving that stagnant energy around and out! You have wonderful wisdom that truly can help many people with different symptoms! I highly recommend Yan for Reiki to help you with any ailments you may have. Her wisdom and knowledge of Reiki is so keen and Yan is such a compassionate healer. You will be pleasantly surprised!