*****Are you juggling with many projects at work, or helping with your child or an aging parent, or caring for a family member who is sick, or wanting to be empowered to lead your life with clarity and purpose? *****You just need that extra support to master your life? We tailor your private healing session to what is most important for you at the moment – a customized treatment to ease your load with revitalized energy so you can excel and succeed in life. Space is limited for individual treatments as we focus on workshops and trainings to benefit more people quickly. Please reach out to MasterNGrowRich@gmail.com to reserve your customized session. To your well-being!

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  • Duration: 00:30 Hours
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Reiki treatments can help in a wide range of situations because it doesn’t just treat the symptom but it also work on relaxing and restoring your entire system, balancing to optimize your well-being, so you can benefit from deepened self-healing rather than struggling.

Do you want to feel better, happier and have the energy to master and grow rich in all aspects of your life?  Start taking control of your destiny by scheduling a customized Reiki session now, or email us if you have additional questions on how Reiki practice can help you.

We offer a caring and safe space, and one of a kind customized treatment recognizing the unique experience of each individual, integrating a number of other simple, practical and useful tools including breathing techniques, qigong and tapping techniques to restore balance, optimize your health and well-being, leaving you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and grounded, inspired to master and grow rich in all aspects of your life.

Clients typically report improvement during their first Reiki session, and some may require additional treatments to solidify their benefits.  We will also guide you after each session on staying the course to optimize your well-being.    

Start taking control of your destiny.  Schedule a customized Reiki session now.  Please reach out to us to reserve your booking. .

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