WELCOME TO THE 5-MINUTE STRESS BUSTER KIT! Ditch stress quickly and get back to productivity and clarity, living with more joy at the present. You're about to practice the most life-changing holistic tools for your health: how to reduce stress quickly, improve immune system, access your vital energy for high performance with more joy, balance and hope. For those who had taken my Reiki level 1 or level 2 classes, welcome back. The online toolkit will motivate you to continue with the daily practice and reap its benefits. There are a total of five modules which include: 1- Tapping Exercises to Reduce Anxiety 2- Cleansing Techniques to Clear Negative Energies & Uplift 3- Positive Affirmations to a Happier & Healthier Life 4- Healing Reiki Hand Placements to Enhance Relaxation, Restore Balance 5- Short Guided Meditation with Reiki Experience to Calmness, Improve Sleep Quality, Manifest Goals I'm so thrilled to share this simple yet powerful toolkit with you! If you have any questions and comments on this toolkit, I'd love to hear from you! Email me at MasterNGrowRich@gmail.com. To Your Wellbeing! ~Yan

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