Want to quickly release stress, rejuvenate so you can get back to productivity and clarity? Unlock the secret of living your best life with the 5-Minute Stress Buster Kit, which includes proven, tested, time-saving tools expertly formulated for busy professionals and caregivers who want to relieve from stress, exhaustion, overwhelm and live their full potential with vitality and inspiration.

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Want to quickly release stress so you can finally get back to productivity and clarity?

Unlock the 5-Minute Stress Buster Kit, which includes tested tools expertly formulated for busy professionals who want to free from anxiety, burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm.

Does this sound like you?

You’re a high-achieving professional but the stress of constantly juggling the demands of work, family and personal needs is exhausting.

The stress of meeting your deadlines, goals, and budget, the long hours, and a lack of restful sleep and down-time for yourself threw you out of balance.

After a high-stress work day, you rush to take care of your children or your elderly parents or loved ones...Everyone needs you, and even when you are sick, you still need to tough it through.

You realized that having a high-performance life also requires you to manage high stress wisely, and not let it wreck your health. Because you experienced that when you were sick, you had no energy to do anything else, let alone making big impacts for your clients, achieving your dreams, or serving your community...

Now you want to have some time to take care of yourself, even just for a little while.  Because if you don't, you know that your health will be compromised, and that you won't be able to do the things you love to do, and achieve your dreams with great strides.

You want a way to not only de-stress quickly but also to restore your energy and empower you with hope to a make a difference in this world. But how to manage or accomplish all this successfully with as little time as possible?

Let me introduce you to the: 5-Minute Stress Buster Kit! 


This kit is ideal for those of you who are busy professionals, entrepreneurs and caregivers who move quickly serving others without a break. This will catch up to you if you don't take time to rest, to heal, to recharge.

Being a professional mom in a highly stressful finance field, I know how challenging it could be to juggle various responsibilities at work while caring for others. The truth is, if we do not take the time to take care of ourselves, if we are at a constant state of stress - it affects our overall balance and how effective we lead our lives.

Having this in mind -with health enhancing and time saving tools that are empowering, I created this 5-Minute Stress Buster Kit with a culmination of more than 20 years of experience in stress relief, and holistic healing tools.

You will be guided with simple, effective and practical methods that you can access right away, at any time and anywhere, to release, relax and rejuvenate, having the vitality and clarity to feel awesome while making better decisions and bigger impacts.

Access the 5-Minute Stress Buster Kit to ditch your stress quickly, get back to productivity and vitality now!

This kit comes handy if you want to: 

- Access a proven, tested toolkit anywhere and any time you needed a boost

- Manage stress, overwhelm anxiety quickly while restoring balance to your entire being

- Have access to simple, practical tools to make your life easier, to deepen your intuitive connections to have solutions flow for high performance and impacts

- Transform your mindset, empower you to live your life with full potential

- Create the life you choose instead of reacting to it



You will have access all your alternative healing tools in one place:


Module 1 – Tapping Exercises to Reduce Anxiety. Short video showing you tapping exercises (a technique combining ancient Eastern wisdom and modern science) on various acupressure points to relieve anxiety, restlessness, fear, and other strong emotions while making you feel empowered.


Module 2 – Cleansing Technique to Clear Negative Energy & Uplift. Short video with step-by-step instructions for releasing tension and clearing negative energy with a simple but effective hand-sweeping techniques while uplifting you.


Module 3 - Positive Affirmations for a Healthier & Happier Life. A PDF guide to highly effective qigong, yogic and Reiki principles for a healthier and happier life—including insight into the principles and how to use them to induce calmness and wellbeing, cultivate joy, and shift your mindset.

Module 4 - Guided Healing Touch (is an intro to Reiki hand positions) to Reduce Stress, Restore Balance. – Short video tutorial for using your own hands to channel relaxation and energy alignment within your body, accessing your own healing source.

Module 5 - All Done for You Guided Meditation Reiki Experience to Relax, Rejuvenate, Improve Sleep. Short audio on meditation with Reiki healing to quiet the mind, connect with your intuition recharge and improve your sleep quality. All you need is to lay on a comfortable space to receive the Reiki healing life force. 



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